We believe things can be done better

In 2020 we re-evaluated ourselves and the way we work. We rose stronger and we’re here to help you do the same. Shape your digital transformation and the best version of yourself with us. IT starts with a step: Leaving better code than we found it. This is our commitment.

Our services

Software development
Developing high-quality digital products & services

Product Analytics
Understanding and developing how users engage with what we build

Business Design
Developing, testing and creating concepts for new businesses

Service and Product Design
Creating easy-to-use interfaces that generate great user experiences

Coaching & Team leading
Agile methods to support smart ways of working

Scoped projects & co-sourcing
We deliver business results according to your/customer goals and KPIs

Our ecosystem is here for you.

We focus on the things we are really good at. We believe it’s the only way to offer the best service to our customers. But we’re not alone. Together we create a strong ecosystem that offers end-to-end services to our clients for all digital problems.

Successful projects
Internal tech sessions

How, in the span of six years, did Wunderdog grow from a bright idea post-bar-night to an international technology company?

In May 2014 the founding five gathered around the same bar table in Helsinki for the first time. They found that there’s a market segment that cannot be served by the leading technology companies. There was a clear demand in small and medium-size projects for skilled and agile teams who focus on customer experience.

Surprisingly, the thought of starting their own business still seemed like a perfect idea the following morning and that’s where our journey began.

Born years later than the leaders in the field, we inevitably started off as an underdog.

Our dedication and goals made it clear that being an underdog was only temporary. We added a W to the name to give the wow-effect that would foreshadow the upcoming. Together the people of this company would do wonders.

Today Wunderdog has grown from a wild Finnish dream to an international technology company that serves companies from small startups to big corporations.